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Mason Software Company is a dedicated consulting and software company. We help entrepreneurs launch and grow technology products and services in Japan and America.

A Consulting Team with Solid Industry Experience

Once upon a time in a land far, far away called Texas...

In 1994 Bob Huntley started a small service company in the online gaming industry that grew and transformed into an international adventure. The company became a publicly traded Japanese corporation that still leads the Japanese media, ringtone, and mobile game markets today. After over 20 years in the gaming and software world in the US and Japan, together with longtime collaborator Diane Hummel, Mason Software Company was created to help launch a new generation of technology products and services. Here at Mason Software Company we love apps, games, hardware, and just generally improving life or making life more fun via technology. We accompany and invest in passionate entrepreneurs from all over the world. If that sounds like you, please get in touch!

The Fearsome Two

Robert Huntley

Bob drives Mason Software Company's investment decisions, international partnerships and business advising. He enjoys teaching, cattle ranching, travel and cooking.

Diane Hummel

Diane is the organizational half of Mason Software Company, taking care of planning and project management. She is detail-oriented, tactful and keeps everyone on track.

Our Global Client & Partner Network

We've worked with big names in gaming and technology, and we are happy to leverage our connections to help young companies by making introductions and setting up meetings with potential distributors and strategic partners.

  • Client

    DWANGO was selected by id Software for the dialup network to be included with their multiplayer games Doom, Doom II, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, HeXen and Heretic.

  • Client

    Successfully negotiated with Activision to add Mech Warrior to the DWANGO multiplayer network.

  • Client

    Successfully negotiated with eidos to add Big Red Racing to the DWANGO multiplayer network.

  • Client

    Successfully negotiated with Westwood to add Command and Conquer to the DWANGO multiplayer network.

  • Client

    Successfully negotiated with Blizzard to add Warcraft II to the DWANGO multiplayer network.

  • Client

    Bob Huntley founded this company in Tokyo, Japan in August of 1997. It continues to this day as a successful publicly traded Japanese company. Bob continues to have a very close relationship with the Chairman, Nobuo Kawakami and they continue to collaborate on various projects for the Japanese video game market.

  • Client

    Owned by dwango japan, this video sharing web service has 50 million plus registered users.

  • Client

    Initial investor in dwango japan.

  • Client

    Successfully negotiated with Terminal Reality to add Terminal Velocity to the DWANGO multiplayer network.

  • Client

    Beginning 2016, Mason Software Company has a distribution relationship through LINKS with major retailers in the Japanese market.

  • Client

    dwango japan provided SEGA with dwango network support for it's SEGA RALLY 2 video game.

  • Client

    DWANGO was chosen by Microsoft as their low latency multiplayer solution for the Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone. Also Microsoft selected dwango japan as the technical solution for the Dreamcast multiplayer solution.

  • Client

    dwango japan was a technology partner for docomo's initial launch of it's i-mode service. As well as developing and publishing some of the most popular i-mode games.

  • Client

    Successfully negotiated with cavedog to add Total Annihilation to the DWANGO multiplayer network.

Rice University

Experimenting with Game Development and New Technologies at Rice University

Guiding students with great ideas & interest in the latest technologies

For the last few years we've been assisting the Chair of the Computer Science Department at Rice University with the COMP 460 class. This is a graduate level class for computer science students and graphic arts students. The students form seven to nine teams and pitch a game idea which they then build over a semester. We guide the students throughout the development of their projects and introduce them to the most up-to-date tech to help make their games a success. These students are extremely creative and motivated, and they love incorporating exciting new tech products into their games. If you have a product that can be used in the game industry and you'd like to make it available to young university talent, please contact us!

We Build Apps Too

Here at Mason Software Company we're not just business consultants, we also get our hands dirty building apps, and we love it! So, yes, we understand the latest app technologies and what it takes to go from an idea to a fully-functioning app in the app store.


Just Picture It

Share a photo with your friends and family by creating a fun word game. They get to guess your personalized caption!


Cooking Italian with Giuliano Hazan

Learn the ins and outs of some great Italian recipes in this one-on-one cooking class app with celebrated teacher and cookbook author, Giuliano Hazan.


Just Thinking of You

The simplest and quickest way to let someone know you are thinking of them without starting a conversation. We collaborated with sports stars Crayton Bare and Grant Woodruff to promote this app.

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